Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December 4 Meeting Summary

Thanks to all who attended last night's meeting! It was a great discussion of many topics, and an excellent way for parents to share their experiences, advice, concerns, and suggestions.

Here were some of the topics and questions that arose:
  • How does accelerated and enriched/differentiated math work in elementary (grades 3-5)?
  • What to do about kids who are gifted but not into working hard or interested in activities?
  • Do 5th graders who participate in the virtual/DMS math class lose "homeroom time"?
  • How can we encourage more transparent and proactive communication? For example: When does Quest start during the year? When are tests and GIEPs are conducted? What are expectations for Quest at elementary level? Welcome packet for new (and even returning) parents would be nice. 
  • Who conducts GIEP exams -- a District psychologist or someone contracted? How are the tests administered? 
  • How do Quest and acceleration/honors classes work at DMS? Will the new schedule change things?
  • How will the district handle Quest/EELA/Math for kids enrolled in Spanish immersion?
  • How can we advocate for our kids?
  • How can we spread the word to more parents in our district?
If you have questions you'd like answered, here are some options:
  • We've started a new Gifted Foxes Facebook group — it's private, but we welcome all parents who would like to share questions and suggestions for academic and extracurricular support. 
  • If you're not on Facebook, you can always email us. 
  • And of course join us at future meetings!
Hope to see you on February 5!